Pace Builders, Inc. is here to take your remodeling or new construction project, from just a vision into reality. While we work closely with the architect and designers, however as the client, you, can take on the designer/ project manager role, especially if you have a complete vision for the project. We understand the construction project is your vision and our goal it to help you to create what you desire. Pace Builders strives to provide every client with exceptional work, as well as create the space that you had dreamed of.

Pace Builders’ Services Includes:

  • Home (New Construction and Remodels)
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage and Basement
  • Room Additions
  • Decks and Outdoor Spaces
  • Accessory dwelling Units (In-law units, backyard cottages, Sheds, or Office Spaces)
  • American Clay earth plaster walls and ceilings with master applicator Miles Williams



Pace Builders believes in helping clients through the intimidating process of designing, permitting, zoning, and budgeting the construction project is a priority. We strive to create cost transparency though out the project. The invoice provided for each project includes information about the numbers of employees on the job, their work logs, and a clear copy of all materials used on the project. This insure the client has the complete breakdown of the project’s cost.

Pace Builders, Inc. prides ourselves on lasting close relationships with both local suppliers and subcontractors, to ensure we give you a finished project tailored to your exact specifications. Project inquiries and estimates can be submitted by phone, fax or the contact form.



Contractors often give quotes for their services based on a fixed-cost basis. For a contractor, this means the client carries all risk. If a contractor underestimates the quote, there are ways to cut materials and/or labor costs that would be invisible to the client. If a contractor overestimates they have no obligation to any pass savings on to you. No one wants a contractor to pocket a bonus at your expense.


Pace Builders, Inc. is dedicated to helping seniors maintain or improve their home by offering a Senior Discount (for those who need it), as well as the option of financing the project at the current market rate.